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1. Jan. 1999 Hadron Collider Conference talk on trilinear gauge couplings; powerpoint version

2. March 1999 Trigger workshop talk on need for high and low preshower thresholds

3. Colloquium talk on the Standard Model (powerpoint) .

4. June 1999 Trigger talk on quadrant matching between calorimeter and preshower

5. July 1999 Fermilab UEC (and LCD) talk on Physics priorities for new facilities

6. Aug. 1999 AAAS talk on sanctions on Indian collaboration

7. March LBL linear collider workshop Summary talk

8. Spring 2000 talk on physics justification for Linear Collider

9. SLAC SPC LC Physic talk, May 2000

10. Searches for New Phenomena in H1, Zeus, CDF, DØ talk at Rencontres du Vietnam, July 2000 (ppt)

11. Summary talk, Linear Collider Workshop, Fermilab Oct. 2000. (pdf) (ppt).

12. Wine and Cheese seminar (ppt) Linear Collider physics and issues, Fermilab Jan. 2001.

13. Charge to Mar. 2001 LC Workshop North American Linear Collider Workshop, Johns Hopkins University (powerpoint);

14. "What can an ee Linear Collider teach us? A.K. Mann symposium, Apr. 20, 2001.

15. Talk at APS 2001 meeting "The Rise of Large Collaborations" (Panofsky Prize talk -- ppt)

16. "What can an ee Linear Collider teach us? (powerpoint) PHENO 2001, Madison May 7, 2001.

17. "The Case for a 500 GeV Linear Collider" (powerpoint) HEPAP Subpanel talk, May 23, 2001.

18. "Linear Collider Physics Studies" (powerpoint)

19. "Scenarios for runs at LC (Snowmass 2001 report" (powerpoint)

20. "Electroweak Physics at D0" seminar Prague, 10/01 (powerpoint)

21. "Physics at the Linear Collider" colloquium Lancaster, 12/01 (powerpoint) pdf

22. "Towards Physics in D0 Run II" Univ. Manchester seminar 11/01 (powerpoint)

23. "Linear Collider Physics" Paris seminar, 12/01 (powerpoint)

24. "Chicago Linear Collider Workshop charge Jan. 2002" (powerpoint)

25. "Whats up with the Linear Collider" Stony Brook seminar 3/02 (powerpoint)

26. "Run Scenario for a Physics Rich Program at a 500 GeV Linear Collider" (powerpoint) talk at Santa Cruz e+e- Workshop, June 2002

27. "Run Scenario for the Linear Collider" (pdf) (ppt) talk at Jeju Int'l e+e- Workshop, August 2002

28. "Determining Susy/Higgs Parameters for a Physics Rich Scenario" (powerpoint) talk at Jeju Int'l e+e- Workshop, August 2002

29. Talk to prospective grad students, April 2002 (pdf)

30. "State of Department 2002" (colloquium, Sept. 10, 2002) (pdf) ,

31. "Why Support Big Science" (Worlds of Physics; Stony Brook Dec. 13, 2002) Adobe Acrobat pdf

32. "Sailing the uncharted seas beyond the Standard Model" (Plenary talk at APS Meeting, April 7, 2003) MS Powerpoint

33. "State of the Department 2003" (colloquium, Stony Brook Sept. 9, 2003)) (pdf)

34. "Experiments in Particle Physics: the top quark" (SPS talk, March 2004, Stony Brook) (pdf)

35. "State of the Department 2004" (colloquium, Stony Brook Sept. 14, 2004)) (pdf)

36. "Toward the Linear Collider" Seminar at Stony Brook Oct. 5, 2004 Powerpoint

37. "The next step for particle physics -- the e+e- linear collider" Colloquium talk Nov. 2004 and Feb. 2005 Powerpoint

38. "Experiments at Fermilab: Understanding matter at the smallest scale" Public Lecture at Fermilab Feb. 4, 2005 Powerpoint

39. "The Antitop Quark" Talk at the 50th anniversary of the antiproton at LBNL, Oct. 31, 2005. Powerpoint

40. "Conference summary and outlook for the future" Aspen Winter Conference, Feb 18, 2006. (pdf) Powerpoint

41. "Exploring the Terascale with the International Linear Collider" Colloquium at Michigan State University, Feb. 23, 2006. Powerpoint

42. "Exploring the Microworld of Particles and Forces", A.O. Williams Lecture, Brown University, Apr. 10, 2006. Powerpoint

43. "Exploring the Terascale with the International Linear Collider" Colloquium at University of Maryland, May 10, 2006. Powerpoint

44. "To the Terascale -- the ILC opportunity", Colloquium at Fermilab, Oct 4, 2006. Powerpoint

45. "The Origin of DZero" Talk at D0 Workshop, MSU, June 21, 2007. Powerpoint (beware: 28 MB of scanned pictures) pdf (still 8.7 MBw)

46. "Designing DZero", Detector talk for grad EPP course, Sept. 2007. Powerpoint (beware: 30 MB)

47. "Improving b-jet energy resolution", DZero jet resolution meeting, Sept. 26, 2007. Powerpoint

48. "Particle Physics at the Crossroads", Seminar at Thomas J. Watson IBM Research Center, Oct. 12 2007. Powerpoint

49. "Particle Accelerators: Herding and Hurrying Cats", Worlds of Physics public talk, Stony Brook May 9, 2008, and Long Island American Nuclear Society June 19, 2008 Powerpoint and PDF. Here is an informative documentary movie on cat herding.

50. "Applications of ILC Technology", Talk at Linear Collider Forum of America reception in the US House of Representatives, July 29, 2008. Powerpoint

51. "D0 Run 1 : R.I.P. 1983 - 1996", France in D0 Symposium, Paris, October 13, 2008. Powerpoint and PDF.

52. "Tevatron Physics Results and Prospects", ICFA Symposium, SLAC October 29, 2008. Powerpoint and PDF.

53. Lectures at the Escolo Swieca, Campos do Jordao, Brazil, Jan. 19 - 23, 2009. Section 1: Introduction and tools (ppt)(18MB); Section 2: Higgs sector (ppt); Section 3: Supersymmetry (ppt); Section 4: Other beyond the SM models (ppt); Section 5: Quiz and closing.

54. "Breaking the Paradigm of Particle Physics'' talk for Stony Brook emeritus faculty association, Feb. 6, 2009. Powerpoint (16Mb)

55. "Seeking the Higgs Boson -- the Giver of Mass'', Colloquium, Ohio University, June 12, 2009 Power Point.

56. "Tevatron Physics Results -- Implications for the LHC'', talk at the ATLAS Physics Workshop, NYU Aug. 3, 2009. Power Point and PDF.

57. "Tevatron Physics Results -- the Springboard to the LHC'', Colloquium, Univ. Michigan Sept. 16, 2009. Power Point

58. "The Tevatron Legacy '', Minute Particulars and Hidden Symmetries; Chris Quigg Symposium, Dec. 14-15, 2009. Power Point and pdf.

59. "Experimental summary", Moriond EW 2010 Mar. 13, 2010, Power Point

60. "The Voyage of the Beagle, or on the Origin of D0", University of DZero Apr. 8, 2010, pdf.

61. "The Courtly Dance of the W Boson and the Top Quark", 25th anniversary of pbar p collisions in the Tevatron, Dec. 17, 2010 pdf and; ppt.

62. "The Discovery of the Top Quark", Saclay, May 27, 2011 pdf and; ppt.

63. "The Tevatron Legacy", Rencontres de Blois, May 30, 2011 ppt.

64. "The Tevatron Legacy", DPF Conference, Providence Aug. 13, 2011 ppt.

65. "The Physics Legacy of the Tevatron", Colloquium at Laboratory of Nuclear Science, MIT Sept. 12, 2011 pdf and; ppt.

66. "Recent Results from the Tevatron", Talk at Korea meeting of ILC meeting, April 24, 2012 pdf.

67. "The D0 Experiment: Its history and achievements", Talk at the Tevatron Impact Symposium, June 11, 2012 ppt.

68. "Search for the Standard Model Higgs in gamma gamma and tau+lepton final states", ICHEP Melbourne, July 6, 2012 ppt.

69. "The Age of Big Science", W.V. Houston Lecture, Rice University, Oct. 29, 2012 ppt.

70. "The Physics Legacy of the Tevatron", Physics Colloquium, Rice University, Oct. 30, 2012 ppt.

71. "The International Linear Collider: the next energy frontier machine?", High Energy Physics seminar, Stony Brook University, Apr. 8, 2013 pdf and ppt.

72. "Lepton Colliders", DPF Meeting, Santa Cruz, Aug. 13, 2013 pdf and ppt.

73. "Interconnections", Homer Neal Symposium Apr. 12, 2014 pdf and ppt.

74. "The Tevatron Physics Legacy", LHCP Conference, New York, June 2, 2014 pdf and ppt.

75. "The Dawn of D0", Final D0 Collaboration Meeting,June 10, 2014 pdf and ppt.

76. "Triangulating EWSB at the Tevatron", Higgs Hunting Workshop, Paris, July 23, 2014 pdf and ppt.

77. "Triangulating the Breakdown of Electroweak Unification", University of Florida colloquium, Jan. 22, 2015 pdf and ppt.

78. "Triangulating the Standard Model with the top quark, W boson and Higgs boson", University of Buffalo colloquium, Apr. 30, 2015 pdf and ppt.

79. "The International Linear Collider", Heavy Quarks and Leptons, Viginia Tech, May 27, 2016 pdf and ppt.

80. "Exotic Heavy Flavor Hadrons", seminar, Stony Brook, Apr. 17, 2017 pdf and ppt.

81. "The Voyage of D0" or "On the origin of D0 and its physics accomplishments", Fermilab 50th anniversary colloquium , May 2017 pdf and ppt.

82. "Adventures with Howard: In search of the perfect experiment", Howard Gordon symposium, Oct.2, 2017 pdf and ppt.

83. "Man van Staal??", Harry Weerts symposium, Apr.9, 2018 pdf and ppt.

84. "Tevatron Highlights", Fermilab Users Meeting, June 21, 2018 pdf and ppt.

85. "Mont at D0", Hugh Montgomery festshrift, Aug. 24 2018 pdf and ppt.

86. "The Coming of Age of the Top Quark", Fermilab Colloquium, May 15, 2019 pdf and ppt.

87. "EPS Prize talk", July 15, 2019 pdf and ppt.

88. "Montgomery and Grannis -- Top Quark at D0 (2020 Fermilab Users Meeting)", Aug. 12, 2020 pdf and ppt.

88. "25 Years of the Top Quark", Int'l Conf. on Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Moscow, Oct 7, 2020 pdf and ppt.

89. "Sighting the Elusive Odderon", Stony Brook seminar May 10, 2021 pdf and ppt.

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