Paul Grannis notes and talks

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Notes, papers:

1. Estimating B hadron momentum (OPAL note) postcript

2. Quark/gluon jet discrimination (OPAL note) postcript

3. Calibration of preshowers with MIPs (D0 Note 3572) postcript

4. Jan. 1999 Hadron Collider Conference: Higgs Search (Proceedings paper)

5. `The Case for a 500 GeV e+e- Linear Collider' J. Bagger et al., (July 2000).

6. Linear Collider Workshop 2000 Summary Summary talk writeup for LCWS2000

7. D0 note on Pseudo-terms for L1 (D0Note 3683, rev. 2 Nov. 28, 2000

8. Run Scenarios for the Linear Collider Snowmass 2001 proceedings

9. "Study of Higgs mass resolution in p pbar -> W H -> q qbar b bbar" (postscript) Dec. 21, 2001.

10. W boson mass measurement: PR D66, 012001 (2002): 2 column postscript version

11. A Run Scenario for the Linear Collider (pdf). Paper written for the 2002 International Workshop on Linear Colliders, Jeju Island, Korea.

12. "Technology Benefits Deriving from the International Linear Collider" Report for FALC (Funding Agencies for Large Colliders), Jan. 2008.

13. "Search for the SM Higgs boson in the tau tau jet jet final state" Conference note for Lepton Photon 2009, Aug. 2009.

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