Level 1 Discussions

CTT protocol documents:

The CTT System (general): communications and data encoding (Manuel Martin, Aug. 1999)

The CTT System (CFT/CPS axial) (Manuel Martin, rev. Aug. 1999)

The CTT/STT System (Manuel Martin, Aug. 1999)

The CPS System (CPS axial and stereo) (Manuel Martin, rev. Aug. 1999)

The FPS System (Manuel Martin, rev. Aug. 1999)

Minutes of June 10, 1999 meeting

Minutes of Apr. 15, 1999 meetings

Grannis summary of 2/99 Review and L1 issues
M. Johnson CTT architecture talk
G. Blazey presentation on bit transfers (.ppt)
G. Blazey plot of L1CTT connectivity (.ppt)
K. Johns talk on muon trigger manager (.pdf)
Arnaud Lucotte's talk on quadrant matching (take upgrade trigger presentation -- item 10)
Andre Turcot talk on track jets (.ps)

Decision on CTT Level 1 (May 4, 1999)

Manuel Martin's diagram of new L1 CTT architecture

J. Anderson's talk on cassette layout for dual range preshower, with mixing boxes (click Presentations and take April '99)

Current proposal (4/19/98) for setting CPS and FPS SIFT charge divisions and output gains.