Understanding Matter, Energy, Space and Time: the Case for the Linear Collider

This document, supported by a significant portion of the international high energy physics community, presents a unified vision of the physics potential of the linear collider. The statement has helped the International Linear Collider Steering Committee to define the scope of the baseline facility.

The document, "Understanding Matter, Energy, Space and Time: the Case for the Linear Collider" :

can now be found at the World Wide Study web page.

This statement was written by the World Wide Study Group for the Physics and Detectors for the Linear Collider and is intended to convey the unified vision of the international particle physics community. It is the first attempt by the global community to articulate the scientific rationale for the linear collider, operating concurrently with the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Those wishing to add their name to the list of supporters may do so at this link.

Although the document is written for particle physicists, we hope that it will be accessible to scientists in related disciplines. It may also serve as the basis for other documents that convey the case for the linear collider to those in governments and the general public.