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ATLAS Flavor Tagging / Higgs to bb Workshop


The aim of the workshop is to advance research in the fields of Flavor Tagging and Higgs searches/measurements with b-jets in final states, involving the respective working groups of the ATLAS Collaboration. One day of the workshop will be devoted to open sessions with both theoretical physicists and experimentalists attending. This joint workshop is the fourth in the series of Higgs to bb workshops and the eighth in the series of Flavor Tagging workshops, and the first of both series in the US.


The main physics topics of the Workshop include: Standard Model Higgs to bb measurements (VH, VBF, VHF+photon), Flavor Tagging algorithms and calibration methods, Higgs to bb decays from BSM Higgs, Higgs to cc decays, Modeling of heavy flavor jets, Modeling of backgrounds to Higgs to bb searches, Global fits of Higgs Sector (incl. absolute coupling, constraints of decays to invisible), Parameterization of BSM Higgs models (incl. Effective Field Theory and Pseudo-Observables), Software infrastructure for Higgs searches and Flavor Tagging.


The first day, Tuesday, we will begin with a day of open sessions with theorists, with general introductions about the status of experimental analyses, and in-depth discussions with theorists on specific topics (the indico agenda for the open session can be found here). We'll conclude the day on Tuesday discussing how to define the next steps in the view of the end of Run-2 and beyond. On Wednesday through Saturday morning the ATLAS-internal sessions of the workshop will take place with the agenda mostly developed in common Flavor Tagging/Higgs to bb searches. On two mornings (Wednesday/Thursday) the concentration will be on separate Flavor Tagging and Higgs to bb sessions. The workshop will end on Saturday at noon.

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